yeah - CLI tool for looking up OUIs

A background-goal of mine this last month has been to learn enough of Rust to code something useful that I can use at work. In spare moments since the new year I've been reading "the book"—which has been more than helpful in learning the basics of Rust and what makes it such an interesting, powerful language.

Fast-forward to today and I'm happy to share the useful something that I managed to make with Rust. Below is the README from yeah's GitHub page:


yeah is a command-line tool to return the vendor name for a given MAC address. Queries are ran against the IEEE OUI vendor list.


Supports complete and partial MAC address queries

Install yeah


$ cargo install yeah

From source:

$ cargo install --path /path/to/yeah/repo

Or, download and run from .zip or .tar.gz in releases

Use yeah

Print vendor of given MAC address

$ yeah <mac>


  -h, --help          Prints help information
  -v, --version       Prints version information