ACLs, e-ink, PGP git commits

This week I've continued work on my Nomad/Consul architecture and began using the allure of Slack bots to learn a bit of Go.

Also, I'm trying to let myself post a bit more than a few bookmarks per week—hence the renaming of these weekly posts from Goodies --> Notes (à la Simon Willison's blog). He's quite industrious!

Consul ACLs

It's dead simple to automate the deployment a dual-stack Nomad/Consul cluster, but ensuring that proper and sane ACL bootstrapping is part of the process is less than straightforward. HashiCorp documentation is great though often contradicting! Here's a good primer.


Creating a digital newspaper from a 32" e-ink display

  • Absolutely the type of project that's been on my list for quite some time. If only e-ink displays weren't so expensive.

What does a PGP signature on a git commit prove?

  • An informative piece on how cryptographic signatures on git commits can help guarantee the validity of a repository's history.