SDR 1G cellular, cross-platform Docker on M1 Macs

I'm working remote from the east coast for the next week.

Main observations:

  • It's hyper-stimulating to be in a city for the first time in over a year
  • Thanks to the vaccine people are out in droves enjoying summer
  • I think I'm okay with the first two points


Gaining real control of an Amazon Echo

  • This may finally push me to pull my old, unused Echo out of storage.

Running a 1G analog phone from 1997

  • Another legacy celluluar/radio device revived thanks to a little SDR.

The simple power of docker-compose in an ARM environment

  • The excuses for staying on x86 keep dwindling...

An easy environment to start working with data in git

  • Why not waste some time and automate the scraping/ingestion of data into git with GitHub Actions?