Wordle, Minecraft server in Bash, lots of JSON

The ride my bike uphill game continues.

Despite being relatively lazy Wordle players, we both still enjoy the game and its stripped-down design and clean functionality. But, what was once a simple and refreshing free-to-play game is now a tracking-friendly asset of The New York Times.

Thankfully, Wordle is just HTML and Javascript and can be easily rescued from the Wayback Machine.

All over the web Wordle lives on, unencumbered by its new owners. I placed my copy here.


Writing a Minecraft server from scratch (in Bash)

  • Hilarious and awesome dive into Minecraft's server protocol—via Bash.

Have We Been Thinking about Inflation All Wrong?

  • I still don't know anything about money, but this helped.

Authelia - easily protect apps with SSO and 2FA

  • Thinking about playing with this one.

jless - a command-line JSON viewer

  • Easily explore your pretty-printed JSON (written in Rust).

A shell command to create JSON: jo

  • More JSON :) Think of this as a complimentary tool to jq?

Writing a Printer Driver in JavaScript

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