Owens Valley, Casio customization, NTP

Last week a friend and I rode up the second hardest bicycle climb in California (purportedly). A great excuse to take a few days from work in the visually vast Owens Valley. The movie China Town is in my queue.

Also, using the recent management change at Twitter as an excuse, I downloaded and then deleted all my tweets. I used the less rate-limited v1.1 API to delete all tweets by id. IDs were sourced from the downloaded archive's data/tweets.json.


Pimping my Casio with Oddly Specific Objects' alternate motherboard and firmware

  • I'm not one to wear a watch, but this is nudging me in that direction!

AWS Permission Boundaries for Dummies

  • IAM is still the best product from AWS. Permission boundaries are an underutilized tool.

USGS - Water Dowsing

  • Being in Owens Valley makes you think about water more than most places. Here is the USGS's summary of the controversial, ancient method of water discovery.

The Thorny Problem of Keeping the Internet’s Time

  • NTP!